Beach Day with Your Dog

May 2, 2018

The dog beach. While I absolutely love to watch my dog’s boundless joy and excitement when we go to the beach, especially for a soon to be eleven year old golden retriever, it can sometimes turn into a production. A few tips to make your beach day a bit easier.




Survival Tips:)


1. CAR PROTECTION. Make sure your car is covered. I recently purchased my second three way hammock as the first one is amazing and decided to purchase another one so that it covers my entire car when the back seats are down. After our beach adventures, it is easy to uninstall, throw in the washing machine and dryer, and install again. This cover does a great job of protecting my car from sand, wet fur and helps protect your car from odors.



2. WATER. Fresh water for my dog is an absolute necessity. I purchased a zip up bowl at least six years ago and it still works great. It is easy to clean, easy to use and works.


3. BACKPACK. Unfortunately after my friend’s beach bag was peed on by an unattended dog, I decided to keep my beach necessities in my small backpack.


4. BAGS. Yes, bring poop bags. Not all public dog areas are guaranteed to have them. 


5. TENNIS BALL. I bring a few in case one gets lost or is favorited by another dog.




Definitely plan on getting wet yourself. 

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Beach Day with Your Dog

May 2, 2018

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