Packing for a Romantic Weekend Away

April 26, 2018

Whether it is your first weekend away with your partner or umpteenth time, packing for a romantic weekend may be more stressful than you realize. After all, we want them to think we are effortless in our style, woke up like this and no, it does not take a blow dryer, straightener, two different size barrels for my curling iron and multiple products to get these perfect beach waves. Recently confronted with this challenge for a weekend away with my partner and only allowed one small carry on (which for someone with natural frizzy hair is a challenge), I decided to confront this head on!




1. Do you homework Where are you going? What is the weather? The general vibe? Do you need your passport? Or other proof of identification? For us, our last trip was a weekend in Palm Springs and our itinerary was filled with lounging by the pool with cocktails in hand, hiking the gorgeous and rustic terrain, delicious meals, dancing and shopping.


While there are many blogs and websites for suggestions on activities and places to eat, drink and stay - what about the scene? I suggest checking out Instagram and use their geolocation feature to your advantage. Search packing lists on Pinterest will give you some ideas as well. 


For a simple chill by the pool destination with cocktail in hand, I chose a colorful bikini with a white coverup and espadrilles for the pool.  


2. Travel in style.
While yoga pants can do great things for your butt and are extremely comfortable, step up your style. Throw on a colorful headscarf or hat for a touch of vacation glam. Wear an easy knee-length dress of wrinkle free fabric or if you are yoga pants obsessed, try some different pattern ones. If traveling by public transportation, beware of anything too short or skimpy and bring layers such as a travel throw (for the very cuddly, larger ones are easily shared, too).


3. Pay attention to the details.
Make sure to pack your items neat and chic. Label, use stickers, and travel bags to appear practical and organized. Have a list of suggested activities, restaurants and other ideas in case your partner is not the most organized. If you have the responsibility of packing for your partner as well, they will appreciate your organization skills. And again, not sure what to pack, google or Pinterest are great tools.


Do yourself a favor and prep on the product front, as there will be no girlfriends to tag-team with, and men are generally dilettantes when it comes to all things beauty. Pick up some sample packets of your favorite products or make samples of your own. If not, you may end up like me, suffering in silence with nothing but two-in-one shampoo and a hotel hair-dryer to de-tangle those beach waves, completely squandering your “I woke up like this” image and leaving my hair feel like straw and calming my frizziness with body lotion. Trust me, it was not the sexiest moment of the trip.



4. Step up your bedroom game.
Not only is a weekend away a great excuse to pick up a new lingerie set, ideally something that accentuates your best assets (which is obviously all your assets) and easy to take off but also can be a great place to introduce new things into the bedroom such as a vibrator, that scarf as a restraint, blindfolds or something a bit more adventurous. I really love this wand massager vibrator. Not going to lie, not only is it a personal favorite in the bedroom leading to an orgasm most times but also (after cleansing) does help relieve some tension in my neck after traveling.


5. When in doubt, improvise.
No matter how much you prepare, you will undoubtedly face a moment when you are sunburned, slightly hungover, and completely at a loss of what to wear. Luckily, it’s been my experience that guys actually enjoy seeing you in their clothing, so hope that he’s an overpacker or in my case, you overpack for him. Borrow his button-down, sweater, or windbreaker - trust me, he will find you very cute in it. And above all, try to remember that at the end of the day, it won't really matter what you’re wearing or not wearing:)? Just try to relax and enjoy those moments of creating memories and the rest will come naturally. And if not, there’s always a local shop to pick up a unique piece that could one day serve as a fond reminder of your trip together.


What is your must have travel item?

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