Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend, Wife or Crush for under $50. #WCW approved!

January 20, 2018

Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend, Wife or Crush for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries or Just Because. All UNDER $50. They are Women Crush Wednesday (WCW) approved. 


1. Love Potion Tumbler - we absolutely love these Bando products for an easy cute, flirty gift on a budget. While we cannot get enough of this love potion tumbler which is mostly sold out with the exception of Amazon, we are also slightly obsessed with the glittery pink version. Who knew staying hydrated could be so fun? We did read the reviews for the Love Potion tumbler from Amazon and please note that some sellers did not include the adorable straw. We suggest ordering cute paper straws instead and if you are not already one of her heroes, you will be one step closer as paper straws are less toxic for our environment


2. Solid Perfume - while most women prefer to choose their everyday perfume, having your special someone pick out a perfume for you is a sweet, romantic gesture. Solid perfume is easy to travel with, less expensive and a great back up. If her favorite perfume is not offered in solid form, we suggest these solid perfumes by Diptyque. They come in a variety of scents:

  • Philosykos - fig tree leaf, fig tree wood, fig sap, white cedar.

  • L'ombre dans L'Eau - blackcurrant leaf, Bulgarian rose.

  • Do SonTop: orange blossom from Morocco, galbanum. - Middle: tuberose, Moroccan iris, Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine. - Base: amberwood, benzoin, white musk

These are also carried at Nordstrom and other stores should you want to smell before purchasing. 



3. Wood and Block Prints - Upload twelve of your favorite pictures with your special woman and have them printed and presented in this cute photo stand. It is a great, simple way to create a rotating a display of your photos.



4. Vibrator - Why not? Together or apart, a vibrator will only add value to her sexual experiences and yours as well. We are strong fans of the wand massagers despite its simple and basic design. We find it never disappointments, plus it does massage other muscles inside or outside the bedroom, they are very handy. We love this one by Live Love Envie, please check out our review of vibrators if you have not had the chance. Not only does it deliver pleasure, it is waterproof, made of silicone, easy to clean, easy to charge, easy to order and the perfect price. It can be ordered directly from Amazon as well.




5. Energy Muse Crystal Necklace - looking for a necklace that captures your sweetheart's personality without breaking the bank? These crystal necklaces by Energy Muse are the answer. Whether your woman is fierce and confident, loves to travel, creative, or needs a little bit of luck, these necklaces are personal, thoughtful and stylish. 


6. Map of the Stars - talk about swoon worthy! Whether the date of the first time your met, marriage, engagement, birthday or any other special occasion, we love these constellation prints capturing the evening. There are many providers that offer a variety of styles:


7. Initial Stud Earrings - have your initials, her initials, both of yours, kids or perhaps an inside joke. They are so cute, feminine and delicate. We absolutely love this seller on etsy as she also has a variety of other great pieces at friendly prices.




8. Dry Bar Gift Certificate - everyone loves a little pampering. Give her a dry bar certificate that she can use next time for a big night out or just because.  They will treat her well, give her a great blow out and also offer complimentary champagne. Add a few extra dollars on top of the cost of a blow out so she can also purchase a few of their products which smell heavenly or indulge in a ten minute scalp massage aka the floater. Dry Bar does not disappoint!



9. Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew - pair this easy to use corkscrew with her favorite bottle of wine. Not only a bit personalized but also a tool that she will definitely appreciate. If you want to add something a little extra, we suggest an aerator or these gorgeous Riedel wine glasses.


10. Tile - this is the least romantic gift on this list but probably the most useful. Tiles are perfect if your significant other (SO) has been known to lose things such as keys, glasses, phone etc. And for those of who us do not want to admit we lose things, this is also perfect! All you need is a smartphone to download the app. The tile is super small and barely noticeable. I hate to share how much I use mine when it comes to finding my keys. We do suggest this as an add on to something else that is a bit more romantic even if it is just her favorite candy bar.



11. Gourmet Chocolate- If your SO is a chocolate lover, giving her the gift of chocolate is always a winning idea. Whether it is her favorite candy bar or some incredible gourmet chocolate tower, this gift will be consumed, appreciated and hopefully shared. Another great alternative to purchasing gourmet chocolate is homemade brownies and homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Both are easier to make than you think and easier on the budget, trust us! Just try to purchase the highest grade cocoa or if that is not available just use a little extra:)  


12. Sephora Gift Card - always a great fallback plan especially if your SO is known to shop there. If there is a store near you, book her a makeover, the only caveat is she needs to spends $50, good thing you gave her that gift certificate for $50:) Otherwise check out there under $50 section for ideas. If you are too nervous that your gift idea may go wrong, below are a few that we suggest that can be used for all skin tones, plus you can never have enough brushes!



13. Agraria San Francisco Petite Essence Diffuser, Balsam - move over candles we absolutely our obsessed with our new diffuser by Agraria San Francisco.  Slightly kidding since we still enjoy the romantic lighting candles provide but the scent from this diffuser is on a whole other level. The scent is warm, spicy and not overpowering. The scent is diffused with a beautiful flower rather than the unfashionable sticks. The price is slightly higher than $50 but we promise it is worth it, especially if your budget was closer to $50 than $25. The larger diffuser is priced at $140.



14. Lululemon ANYTHING - yes please! While not much can be found at Lululemon for under $50 there are still a variety of items including their mula bandhawear thong that can actually be worn while working out, many of their tanks and accessories. And if you are not sure, a gift card is always a great default!



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