Pawesome Gifts for Pet Owners, Under $50

November 28, 2017

As pet owners, we do love it when family and friends gift items for our pets. While they may not love our four legged friends as much as we do, its wonderful to know that they also care. Here are a few of our favorite that we have tested throughout the years and that keep giving. 


1. Car Pet Seat Cover

We absolutely love this three-way pet seat cover for our car. Not only does it protect our back bench but also our side doors which are usually the recipient of the most drool after a hike. This pet seat cover can also be used in your cargo space as well and usually that is where we keep it as not only does it protect against muddy paws and spills, it also protects our trunk from dirt, scratches, etc. The hammock style helps keep you pet in the back seat while also protecting the back of your seats. Plus this model also offers a center zipper allowing both a person and four legged friend to enjoy the back seat. Easy to install as well. We absolutely love this one by Pineapple Pets! And we appreciate the bonus safety kit including the seat clip and our favorite item, the safety light.



2. Safety Lights for Pets


If you end up purchasing our favorite pet seat cover, skip this suggestion as the pet seat cover comes with a very bright safety light. Safety lights are an absolute must if your favorite pet owner has a dog. Whether they live in the suburbs or in an urban area, there is a chance they may be walking in a dimly lit area. There are several options including the light clip, the collar light and the lighted leash. The key is to make sure it is bright and will not be mistaken for anything else so others can see!



3. Collapsible Water Bowl


A must have for any pet owner that takes their pets outside their home which hopefully is everyone. We have two we actually recommend. These bowls can actually clip to the leash and the other includes a water bottle. 


4. Custom Case for Their Favorite Apple Product


Grab a picture of your favorite pet lover's pet and create their own custom case whether for an iphone, ipad, macbook or even a strap for an iwatch. This site allows you to use several photos or just one and cases have different features . Such a great, creative gift!


5. Custom Coasters


Custom coasters are a great addition to any home. These coasters are easy to design and you can even use instagram pictures. These are the absolutely purrfect gift.



6. Orthopedic Bed


For all pets whether young or old, especially larger animals, help their joints with an orthopedic bed. These beds provide the support for their joints and will help ease the pain for arthritis (from mild to severe), hip dysplasia, generalized muscle loss associated with old age, dogs with orthopedic or neurological surgeries or conditions, bone injuries (fractures, etc.) and soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments, etc). 



7. Puzzle Toys 


Interactive toys are a great way for pets to stay busy and have fun, while also improving their mental and physical skills. While it is not the best looking toy, this Flipboard Level 2 has kept our dog very entertained. There are also several products for cats as well.



8. The Pooch Selfie


If you know a dog who isn't exactly America's Next Top Model when it comes to being photogenic, this special smartphone attachment will finally guarantee perfect picture of the dog. The dog owner and dog will love it!


9. Tote Bag


One can never have enough tote bags especially as plastic bags are going out of style fast and stores are charging for paper bags. Give the pet owner in your life a personalized tote with their four legged friends. This canvas style has proven durable, comfortable and holds more than we need.



10. Help an Animal in Need


Make a donation to a local animal charity in the name of the pet. Not only will it give you a tax break but both you, the pet owner and the pet are doing something good for the rest of the animal community! Before donating we recommend doing a little research on the charity to ensure the donations are used to help the animals rather than administrative costs.


We also love this fresh scent pet candle. Not only is the candle itself made from repurposed glass, it helps neutralize any pet odors but the creators of the candle are humane society enthusiasts and will donate a portion of the proceeds to help pets in need. 



11. Still undecided?


Let these monthly pet subscriptions choose for you! Each month your favorite pet owner will receive a variety of treats. It is a great way for them to try new products and also keep the pet entertained and challenged. While Barkbox is one of the more popular subscription boxes, we also love rescuebox as it also helps a pet in need.  Rescuebox caters to both dog and cat owners as well.










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