Gifts for the Gardener in Your Family, Under $50

November 18, 2017

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It is that time of the year when we all rack our minds trying to find the perfect gift. If your family member or friends loves gardening, here are a few of our favorites that can be given during the holidays as well as all year round:


1. Garden Kneeler - Everyone can use one of these! Helpful for everything from pulling weeds to planting your garden bed.  


This garden kneeler by Ohuhu Garden comes with two pockets, making it very handy to keep track of your gardening tools. The kneeler is made with sturdy steel pipes and EVA and can hold up to 330lbs. Great for those that have knee problems, back problems or looking to prevent all of the above. If someone has more than one gardening area, it does not hurt to have more than one of these as they are small and easy to store.


If you are looking for a kneeling mat that has other uses as well, that we suggest this one by RED Home Club. This one offers a basic and simple design. It is less than Ohuhu Garden kneeler; however, it does not have the side handles which are very helpful when trying to get up. The one nice thing about the one by RED Home Club is that it can be used for multiple purposes and you have more flexibility especially when working in areas that are not level or smaller.


2. New Garden Hose - Nothing says Happy Holidays like a garden hose:) However, during the winter season it is probably the better time to pick up one as they are (a) in stock (b) updated models (c) if not stored properly during the winter, most hoses will need to be replaced.

We suggest this one from the Hedgehog. We love everything about this expandable hose product including the variety of sizes, the quality, the lightweight nozzle, the price and ease of use and installation.  Cannot go wrong with this one!


3. Personalized Garden Gloves - We loved personalized gifts. It always gives the impression that you went the extra step.


We found these two personalized garden gloves on Etsy and while very different styles, thought they were both great gift ideas.  One offers a basic gardening/utility style and for those want a more feminine style, we found these gloves that are offered in several prints and patterns. Make sure to place your order early to ensure Christmas delivery.


4. New Garden Nozzle - Something you can never have too many of! We suggest our favorite garden nozzle, the Hedgehog. We found not only does it maintain good water pressure, it is easy to use and offers a setting for all watering needs, even those outside our garden


5. Gardener's Tote - This is the perfect way to store garden tools as well as an easy way to carry them throughout a garden. There are many offered ranging in materials, number of pockets, size and price. We suggest staying away from those offered with tools as many of tools included are of low quality and are more likely to rust or break. We really like the one made by Carhatt, a brand recognized for quality. It has a good number of pockets, large enough to carry a fair amount of tools; however, not too large where you will need to worry about the weight.


We were able to find it in both black and brown. If you are looking for more vibrant colors, we suggest this personalized tote found on Etsy. This tote can be used for more than just gardening. This tote is also offered in black, navy, and aqua.


6. Colorful Tubtrug - Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, tubtrugs are a great addition to any home. They can be used as planters, as laundry baskets, and provide extra storage inside and outside your home. A great, versatile gift.


7. Vertical Garden - we love vertical gardens, a great way to add more plants in a smaller spaces and areas that otherwise may not be unusable. Plus, many of them create a dramatic effect. Pinterest always has great ideas. There are many different styles from pouches that will create an actual vertical wall both inside and outside as well as planters stacked on top of each other.  We like this five tier stackable tower as it has good height and easy of use.

For the vertical wall pouches make sure the user follows the instructions carefully as the irrigations systems can be a bit tricky and lighting will be very important when choosing your plants.


8. For the Rose Lover - if you like giving themed gifts, we thought these items were great for the rose lovers amongst us which includes gloves specifically for rose gardening, a thorn stripper and a garden colander. The rose gloves are made with goat grain to protect from scratches and are long enough to cover your forearms.

The thorn stripper allows for easy removal of the thorns without damaging the stalk and the colander allows for easy removal of any dirt from your freshly cut roses, vegetables, etc. In fact the colander is a great gift in general, its a must have especially if you have a vegetable, fruit and/or herb garden. Also, if you never used a thorn stripper, this video is a quick and easy demonstration. This is a great set to put together for any rose lover. 



9.  Sun Hat - Having a good sun hat is a MUST for anyone working outside. We think it's incredible important to have a hat with a large brim, offers SPF protection, comes in light colors and protect the back of your neck. We purchased this style and so far it has worked out great. If you are looking for additional colors, this one for women comes in a variety including light pinks and blues as well.











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