What Happened When We Tested the Best Vibrators on the Market

November 2, 2017

Picking out a vibrator can be a daunting task to say the least. To save yourself form getting flustered - or getting the wrong one we reached out to four sex shop bosses to learn about their best sellers and shamelessly tried them. Here are our favorites:


All Around Favorite - Envie Personal Wand Massager (Black and Purple

When you are looking for something a vibrator that is discreet, simple designwaterproof, wireless and that will surely hit the spot, the Envie Personal Wand Massager is a great option. This vibrator comes with two charging cords and a dust cloth to properly store your massager. The massager itself offers eight different speeds which is great for those of us that are more sensitive as well as well 20 massaging patterns.  Can be used with a partner or by yourself. Plus they have a great website that offers the company's contact information as well as their sexy and informative instagram page.  Offered in purple and black




Class Vibrator - Hitachi Magic Wand

This vibrator is a total classic and will last for years. It has two vibration speeds and honestly the fastest one is a bit intimidating. What we like about this this classic vibrator is that is durable and never runs out of battery. What we don't like about this product is that (1) even the lower vibration speed can be super intense to even a point of numbing at times, (2) it has to be plugged into the wall which can be quite inconvenient at times (3) it is not waterproof - who doesn't love a good self love session in the shower with or without a partner and (4) is it big and bulky.







Good Introductory Set - Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

If you are new to the whole vibrator scene - welcome! We suggest starting off with something smaller, rechargeable, waterproof and has a variety of less intense speeds. While the wand massager is a great option, another suggestion is a rechargeable bullet vibrator. It is smaller, comes in a pair and for those that want to strengthen their kegel muscle as well, it is a great option. We had great success using the kegel vibrator with either the wand massager or the bullet for outer stimulation.  






The Vibrator for the Animal Inside You - The Rabbit

It was my blue dolphin vibrator that helped me move on from my college boyfriend over fifteen years ago. At the time, the rabbit was the rage but being on a college budget, my blue dolphin was all that I could afford. I definitely loved the dual stimulation. While that one died years ago, out of the products tested with dual stimulators, the SHEQU vibrator made the cut. I love the silicone material, the easy to use controls, and the dual motors,


The one issue with dual stimulation products is that all of our bodies are built differently and some are a better fit than others. This is why I prefer using a G spot stimulator as well as clitoris stimulation at the same time. 





We Are Intrigued - Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator

In our opinion, we believe there are a lot of quality vibrators on the market for less than $100, sometimes a lot less. We were very intrigued by the womanizer clitoral stimulator. I believe this would be great for foreplay. We were honestly a bit confused at first on who it worked but I think this video demonstrates how to use the product very well. In addition to the price, we were also alarmed about the fair amount of negative reviews.










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