Use Lube!

November 2, 2017

If you have never tried lube you are missing out! From easing uncomfortable friction to rescuing you when a condom feels dry, there is no limit to the positives it can add to your sex life. Lubrication can be made from water, oil, petroleum, or silicone; however, water-based lube is usually your best bet. It's safe to use with condoms, silicon sex toys and it's easily washed away (you are at greater risk of infection with silicone-based lube because it is NOT water-soluble and it is difficult to wash away. Unfortunately this may case bacteria to linger. Also if you are prone to yeast infections, use a water-based lube made without glycerin - sugars found in glycerin feed yeast, causing it to multiply).


When to use lube?

  1. Self love. Lube can improve your masturbating experience especially if you suffer from dry hands or are using a sex toy.

  2. Use it with your favorite sex toy including our new pleasurable personal wand massager with yourself or with your partner.

  3. During intercourse (both vaginal and anal). We found this article from Refinery 29 highlighting different types of anal lube. 

  4. Use it inside a condom. It has been found to increase sensitivity for men if used inside the latex.

  5. For a blow job. Many women use spit but sometimes that can be hard to muster.

  6. A sexy massage - who doesn’t love a little foreplay.










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