How to Care for Your Garden Hose

October 19, 2017

Having to replace your garden hose often can be costly and very frustrating.  By following these simple tips you will be able to extend the life of your hose:

1. DRAIN THE HOSE. When you are done using your garden hose be sure to drain all excess water. Simply tun off your faucet and then continue to spray water until the hose is empty. This will also help reduce any bacteria build up in the hose as well.


2. HANG THE HOSE. Whether its using an official hanger or simply hanging your garden hose over your faucet, make sure to hang it after use. Also, feel free to get creative! 


3. KEEP OUT OF SUNLIGHT. Try to store your hose in a shaded area away from sunlight. Sunlight will deteriorate the casing of your hose and make it more susceptible to damage. 


4. STORE IT INDOORS. One of the worst things you can do is leave your garden hose out in freezing cold weather. This might be the quickest way to damage your garden hose. In cold weather the rubber will contract and when then weather gets hot it will expand. The ideal place to store your hose in a covered area such as your garage and if that is not an option, in a covered area.


4. REMOVE ALL KINKS. Make sure to remove all kinks when using the hose as well as when storing it. Kinks may lead to the material of the hose over flexing which may cause it tear or split open and you will end up with a hole in your garden hose.  Check out our review of KINK FREE hoses or learn more about our favorite one.


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