Top Garden Hoses for after the Summer

October 4, 2017

While most of us think to replace our garden hoses in the spring and summer, having a quality hose for the fall season is just as important.  


1. It is easy to forget about watering during the shorter days and cooler weather; however, many of your plants need continuous watering before that ground begins to freeze especially trees, shrubs, perennials and new transplants. This will help ensure better success in the spring.


2. Gutter cleaning!  Make sure that your gutters are cleaned.  A good spray nozzle on a hose will always complete this job effectively and efficiently.


3. Outdoor cleaning in general.  Before the harsh weather sets in, I try to give the outdoor of my house including outdoor space a good cleaning.  It does not necessarily have to be with a pressure washer; however, it's good to get all that summer dirt off before it gets caked in by the cold weather.  


Here are some of my top hoses for the fall.  One of the most important factors for me is easy storage as well as value.


1. TOP PICK - The Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set



Expandable hoses are a great for the fall as they are incredibly easy to store.  These hoses are very lightweight making it easy to move around your property for basic fall cleaning especially when that cleaning involves going up and down a ladder.  I like the fact that it comes with this ten setting nozzle that has every setting one could imagine including jet and center which are ideal for gutter cleaning.  Plus with the on/off switch at the end of the hose, it saves from trip running back and forth to the spigot. Great price as well, overall a great value for your dollar.






2. Briggs and Stratton 8BS50 50-Foot Premium Heavy-Duty Rubber Garden Hose


This hose is made of thick rubber with nickel-plated brass couplings. It stays flexible in cooler weather and it is reported it can be used with hot water up to 200F.  While the thickness gives a feeling of durability especially compared to the Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set, unfortunately this hose did kink on me.  As of this review, I have yet to test it with 200 degree water.  This hose also runs over $50 for the 50 ft version.








3. GrowGreen Expandable Hose Set




This hose performed similar to the Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set.  It was very lightweight, easy to store, well priced, did not kink and offered good water pressure.  This was not our top pick for the following reasons: (1) the color. Within a few weeks of owning it and dragging it around my property, the bright green was covered in a lot of dirt.  (2) This hose is slightly more than the Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set, (3) it did not come with extra washers nor (4) care instructions for the hose.  Other than these few negatives, this hose is met my expectations for a good fall hose.






4. JGB Enterprises Eagle Hose Eaglewash



In full disclosure, I have only used this hose a few handful of times although VERY pleased with the job it did.  The JGB Enterprises Eagle Hose is composed good, high quality material; provides continuous, strong water pressure; and works great with my high pressure washer.  I did read a few negative reviews that it did burst; however, I have yet to experience that.  My only issue was that it did not come with fittings so make sure to purchase those separate from the hose.









5. Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose


I purchased the Tuff Guard hose out of curiosity. I do admit that there are many mixed reviews on this product and now I know why.  This hose does kink and mine did leak more than I would deem acceptable when I connected it to the spigot.  I do like that it is lighter weight and flexibility aspects; however, I cannot recommend this product especially given the price tag.  There are a lot better options out there for less.



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