How to Choose Your Car Seat Cover

October 16, 2017

With so many different types of car seat covers for your pets, where do you even begin?

Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to mean spending hours cleaning up your vehicle. When you protect your car seats by using dog seat covers, both you and your furbaby can enjoy everything from routine car errands to long road trips.


Styles of Pet Seat Covers

There are several types of seat covers from which to choose from. Many convert into multiple options, some are just good for your front seat, your back, or your trunk.  

  • Hammock Covers — Just as its name implies, hammock-style covers are designed like a hammock to let your pet relax as it travels with you. An advantage to a hammock seat cover is that it's considerably safe because it prevents your pet from jumping into the front seat with you. In addition many come with side flaps to help protect your side doors.

  • Bench Seat Covers — This type of back-seat cover is designed so that it stays in place so that even active dogs can’t move the cover around. Some may come with side flaps as well as anchors to keep it in place.

  • Bucket Seat Covers — If your pet rides in the front seat, we suggest a passenger front bucket seat. Besides keeping a bucket seat clean, it has a water resistant barrier to protect a seat from spills. There are also bucket seat covers for cars have rear bucket seats.

  • Cargo Seat Covers — This type of cover is used in the back seat or cargo area of a vehicle. It’s an ideal cover for taking your pet in a minivan or SUV. Because it stays snugly in place, it protects a car seat from getting dirty from slush, mud, snow, hair, or other soils. If your car is used to haul greasy bikes or muddy shoes and boots, this is an excellent cover.


Cover Materials

Choosing a quality material is very important.   Pet seat car covers are made in a wide range of materials, ranging from soft, microfiber suede fabrics to rugged, durable canvases. Most covers have a water repellant coating, which protects car seats from pet accidents or spilled drinks. Vinyl-coated polyester and other fabrics are also waterproof.


We suggest washing the cover immediately once you get and use a low heat to dry it.  We have read some instances of seat covers bleeding and ruining your car seats. 


Choosing the Correct Size

Consider your dog’s size by using sizing guides so that you can select the right fit for not only your dog but also for your vehicle. If you get a size that is either too small or too large, you can expect messes to occur.


Selecting the correct cover size can also help protect your car seats from your dog scratching, chewing, marking or other kinds of destructive dog behaviors.  Also, if you dog enjoys being by the window, look for one with extra side flaps to protect your windows.


A Few Additional Thoughts

  • When deciding on a seat cover for your pet, consider comfort, as well as seat protection.

  • Most dog seat covers can be cleaned by throwing them into a washing machine and using low heat to dry them. 

  • Try to find one with anchors, it will help from slipping around

  • What types of trips do you usually take with your pet? How long is the trip? Will it just be your pet and you? Will there be other passengers? How many pets will you be traveling with? 


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