Garden Spray Nozzles

October 15, 2017


1. TOP PICK - The Hedgehog Spray Nozzle 


The Hedgehog Spray Nozzle offers ten different spray patterns from the shower setting which I use for watering my garden and washing the dog to the center setting which is ideal for hosing down lawn furniture.


This spray nozzle was easy to use, lightweight (less than six ounces), a bit robust and even my grandchildren were able to help with the watering.  At first I thought the bright yellow was a bit loud but it turned out to be great when trying to locate it after my grandchildren had finished watering. Not sure if I will ever use all ten settings but nice to have. The soft rubber coated handle made this watering nozzle easy and comfortable to hold.  My first Hedgehog Spray Nozzle came with the expandable hose set I purchased, I have this one installed in my backyard.  The second one I purchased on its own and was pleased with the price tag of less than $8, comes with a 12 month guarantee, package included a plastic hose washer and easy to install.  


Overall, really great value and a quality product.


2. Melnor Rear-Trigger 7-Pattern Spray Nozzle



Like the Hedgehog, this waterer has many of the amenities of its more expensive counterparts.

Easy to install

Less than $10

Can purchase at Home Depot as well as Amazon



My only issue was the jet setting does not seem to put out as much pressure as some of the other options we tested.  

Offered in both black and silver.




3. SprayTec 9 Pattern Hose Nozzle Sprayer with Pistol Grip Trigger



The SprayTec has nine different spray patterns to choose from. Again, not sure if I will use all nine settings but nice to have.  Unlike the the other ones, the SprayTec is made of metal and is a bit heavier and might be harder for some to use.  I like the robust feeling, the lifetime guarantee and the extra washers included in the packaging.  The jet setting was not as good as the Hedgehog Sprayer Nozzle and did not I like the price tag of $17.  In my opinion there are better values out there.  Overall though a good nozzle and nice looking.




4. Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle, 10 Spray Patterns

The Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle is a great looking nozzle, big fan of the red color. This metal nozzle feels durable in your hands and the grip is very comfortable. Again, appreciate the diversity of spray nozzle patterns although will most likely not use all ten on a regular basis.  It was easy to install and worked well. The biggest complaint on the reviews is the handle breaking, therefore, making it useless.  After a few months of using it, mine was still in good condition.  For me, the biggest negative was the price tag of $20.  I can purchase an expandable hose set with a very similar nozzle for the same price.





5. The Gilmour Spray Nozzle


The Gilmour Spray Nozzle is one of the least costly spray nozzles on the market of decent quality and the least expensive on this list.  Being made out of metal, the nozzle is fairly resistant to cracks; however, heavier than some of the other nozzles on this list.  It only has one setting which is its major drawback for me.  I personally really like the shower setting offered on the other nozzles and also the padded grip that comes with many of the others.  


I attached this nozzle to the hose in the front of my house and after being dropped a few times on the asphalt, I noticed the trigger was a bit less stable.  It comes in $1.50 less than the Hedgehog, so value wise not as good as a deal but a great price! for those that are strictly focused on their budget.



6. ikris Garden Hose Nozzle 10-Pattern Metal No-Squeeze Sprayer



This spray nozzle is also made of metal and offers ten watering patterns, similar to many others on this list. The weight was good and the knob is very easy to operate and control the flow of the water. It performed very similar to many others on this list; however, not all the ten watering patterns worked.  Not a huge issues as the ones I needed worked or there was a very similar setting.  Also, I felt the jet spray was not as strong as my top choices.  In my opinion for the price tag of $14+ there are better values out there.









7. Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle


Had some higher expectations for this hose nozzle given the higher price tag of $23.  While the original performance did meet my expectations and would have ranked it as my top three, unfortunately it did crack after two months of use.  What I like most about the spray nozzle was the ergonomic design and it was at first very easy to twist from side to side adjusting from one spray pattern to the next.  This hose nozzle comes with five different spray patterns total.  The black color made it more difficult to locate verse the brighter spray handles but again, nice design.  I did reach out to the customer service department and unfortunately it took them a few weeks to get back to me and they did offer to replace to the nozzle.    



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