Coiled Hoses

April 27, 2016

Coiled hoses form tight spirals that "coil" together when not in use and can be pulled apart when using the hose, similar to a slinky.  They are offered in a variety of lengths from as short as 15ft to as long as 100ft. My overall recommendation is NOT to purchase a coil hose for several reasons:


1.  I have found these hoses will not "pull" to the advertised lengths, usually are shorter by 5ft to 10ft depending on the length of the hose.  


2. These hoses are usually offered in smaller diameters creating less water flow.


3. These hoses get tangled VERY easily even when you store them on a hose reel.  


4. Constantly having to tug on the hose to extend it while in use is a bit frustrating. 


5. Slight more expensive than other types of hoses.



If you insist on purchasing one, below is my only recommendation:


ONLY PICK - The Water Right Coiling Hose



The Water Right Coiling Hose is made of a 100% lead-free, UV stabilized FDA & NSF grade polyurethane. The hose coils are 12" round and the 50ft version of the hose will stretch to a little over 40ft. The fittings are chrome plated brass and this hose is lightweight compared to rubber hoses of similar lengths due to the smaller diameter of the hose.  The diameter of this one is 3/8", so best for watering gardens.  I do like the multiple colors and lengths it is offered in and like the rubber hoses, very easy to keep clean.  


50ft hose, 3.4lbs, $49.95  (Comes in 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft lengths and multiple colors)



If you are looking for a hose that contracts in size when not in use and easy to store, I suggest purchasing an expandable hose set.  These type of hoses are easier to store, lighter weight, better water pressure, less expensive, kink free, and do not tangle.  My favorite is The Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set

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