Spray Nozzles - What to Consider Before you Buy

October 1, 2017

When purchasing a garden hose spray nozzle, there are a few things worth considering before making your decision.

1. What will you be using the nozzle for? Will you be purchasing it mostly to water your garden? Clean your gutters? Wash your car? Wash your driveway? Many spray nozzles offer different jet spray patterns. For example when watering my garden I use the soaker setting most. When washing a car, I prefer a stronger jet spray pattern such as a center/jet.


2. What is your hand strength? Some spray nozzles on the market require more hand and wrist strength than others to use and are not the most ideal for children or the elderly.  My usual preference is something that feels a bit robust with a comfortable, padded grip but easy to use. 

3. Is a lock position important? Some do not have this option.


4. Do you own multiple hoses? If you do own multiple hoses it may be more beneficial to have different spray nozzles for each hose.


For example, in my backyard my spray nozzle offers ten patterns so I can go from watering my plants, washing my dog to hosing down my outside furniture without changing it. In the front of my home, I prefer one that is a durable in case it falls on concrete.

5. Color. This was not a factor when I began testing spray nozzles but I soon learned that bright color sprayers have several more advantages.  First, saved time in trying to find it.  When watering my plants, I am constantly picking up and putting down the spray nozzle and yes, even I lose the nozzle at times.  Second, it made watering a bit more fun...at least for the grandchildren.  My grandchildren gravitated more towards the bright colored nozzles and insisted on using those.  Third, when said grandchildren moved on to another activity and left the nozzles on the ground.  



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