Top Five Kink Free Hoses

June 22, 2017

Does your garden hose kink?  


We all know that frustrating feeling when you roll out the garden hose, turn on the water and nothing or maybe just a trickle comes out. Is it a kink or maybe knot?  Where is it? Is it near the nozzle end (while crossing our fingers) or is by the spigot?  We have all been there.




The following are my recommendations for kink free hoses based on my own experience:


1. TOP PICK - Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set



My review for the Hedgehog Expandable hose set can be found here.  


This hose was kink free in my testing, even when I tried to kink it on purpose.  This video review I found on the hose was surprisingly accurate.  What I like most about this hose is the value, the quality, the warranty, the weight of the hose plus it came with a nozzle.   Also, it requires very little storage space and the fittings are brass. This hose comes in varying lengths plus the company itself was very responsive when we had questions.  



50ft hose, 2.15lbs, $27.98  (Comes in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft sets)




2. The Ely Hose

The Ely Hose comes in varying lengths as well. It feels more durable than the expandable hose sets; however, does require more storage space, is heavier in weight, more expensive and does not come with a nozzle. This hose was found to be kink free and has good, continuous water pressure.  In addition the hose comes brass fittings and a 10 year warranty. I suggest trying to find a promotion code online when purchasing this hose as the shipping costs were over $12 which was hard to digest when Amazon offers free shipping on many of their products.


50 ft hose, 7.0lbs, $39.99 (Comes in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 125ft, 150ft, 175ft, 200ft lengths)





3. Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose


Another tried and true Craftsman product.  Similar to the Ely hose, this hose seems more durable than the expandable hose set and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The Craftsman hose is heavier than the Ely Hose as well as the expandable hose and again requires more storage space, it is more expensive and does not come with a spray nozzle.  I was happy with its kink free test although happier with the results of the Ely Hose and the Hedgehog Expandable Hose set more. This product is sold on Amazon and you should be able to find in your local hardware store. 


50ft hose, 10.0lbs, $35.86





4. Flexilla Garden Hose




I read a lot of reviews on the Flexilla before purchasing it.  Most of the reviews were very positive and so was my experience with the hose, it was very similar to the Ely hose.  There were some consumers that had issues with the hose turning black from mold.  I believe this was more due to improper storage of the hose as well as the climate.  This hose is slightly heavier than the Ely hose but lighter weight than the Craftsman hose.  The bright green color makes it easy to find when you put it down.  


50ft hose, 8.0lbs, $29.98





5. Never Kink 




We purchased this hose more out of curiosity with a name like NeverKink, will it truly deliver? The short answer is no, this hose does kink.  Besides many good reviews we found online, this was the the most disappointing hose of them all. We do not recommend purchasing this hose.  If you do not get frustrated by kinks in your hose, it has a great price point and offers good water pressure.  


50ft hose, $18.99, 7.7lbs (comes in 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft lengths)








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