Drinking from the Garden Hose

June 22, 2017

We have finally made it to summer!  Nothing like a cool drink from the garden hose on one of those upcoming hot days, especially when your garden hose has been marketed as "drinking water safe".  The reality garden hoses are not manufactured to deliver safe drinking water.  Bacteria, mold, and other toxic chemicals such as lead, BPA and bromine are typically found in garden hoses.  


While there is no guaranteed way to completely eliminate the chemicals, try running the water for a few minutes before taking a sip. The worst contaminates have been sitting in your hose for a while and this will help reduce the risk of toxins.  Store your hose in a dark, cool place as sunlight and warm temperatures increase the rate of degradation.  Upgrade your hose and if possible look for a "drinking water safe" although none of these labels are regulated nor guaranteed.  Just be mindful and make sure it is not your only source of drinking water.




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