Soaker Hoses - My Top Picks

June 3, 2017

Soaker hoses are usually made from recycled, porous materials.  When water is turned on, it will flow through the hose and slowly seep into the ground


watering the surrounding plants simultaneously.


It is incredibly important to purchase a quality soaker hose.  If one area of the hose is damaged, you will have to replace the entire hose.  I suggest purchasing hoses that are 50' length or less and connecting the hoses rather than purchasing longer hoses to reduce the burden of replacing your entire system.


Most soaker hoses come with plastic fittings that are guaranteed to crack and will need to be replaced by brass fittings.  


I am proud to share all soaker hoses were tested in my raised vegetable garden bed.






1. Flexon Weep and Soak, Soaker Hose


This soaker hose provides an efficient soaking in a short period time.  There were several reasons why I chose this as my number one pick:


1. The 5/8 inch diameter allows for a quick soaking

2. Composed of rubber which should hold up better in the long run

3. Brass fittings

4. Decent price point

5. Not heavy, especially given that it is rubber.


You will still need to purchase a cap for the end of the hose and I am also not aware of any warranty for this hose.








2. Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose


The Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose is made from a woven/mesh material and has plastic couplings. I purchased the 25ft version of the hose to test a small area.  With this hose, you will not need to replace your garden hose thread because it will fit most standard ones well.  This hose was the least expensive one tested.


The plastic fittings did crack as expected.  Also, this soaker has many holes and just soaks the area directly around the hose and the water does not extend that far out.  


This hose does come with a two year limited warranty by the manufacturer.




3. Miracle-Gro Soaker Kit


Miracle-Gro MGSPA38100FM is a unique soaker hose kit which allow you to cut the hose so that it can fit the shape and size of your garden. This kit includes the hose and 18 friction fit connectors that are four female connectors, four male connectors with caps, four plugs, four feeders and two T connectors, all you need is a pair of scissors.  


This was easy to install and works well, even though the soaker hose connector-to-garden hose meeting leaks a little, overall it works as it should. The one big drawback of this kit is if you used all 100 feet of it of the soaker hose, you will need more connectors which can get costly especially compared to the price of the kit.  


This kit does comes with a seven year warranty.







4. Osmile Professional Series 100' soaker hose


This soaker hose was the most expensive one tested as it is a rubber soaker hose that comes in lengths of 50ft or 100ft. This hose has a 3/4 inch diameter and did come with brass couplings although that did not justify the steep price point! It is marketed as emitting about a gallon for every foot per hour and at a low pressure to ensure even watering without harming your delicate plants, which proved true. In addition to being the most expensive it was also the heaviest. It worked very similar to the other hoses and I do not believe worth the price tag. Osmile backs this system with a lifetime warranty against material defects.

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