Expandable Garden Hoses - Favorites

February 12, 2017

By now you may have seen the ad on TV for the pocket hose.  The pocket hose is one of the many expandable hoses on the market.  Most of the hoses that fall into this category are made of a combination of latex and vinyl.  We find these great for your everyday hose.


Why we like expandable hoses:


1. These hoses will expand up to three times their original length when filled with water; therefore, less hose to store

2. Affordable

3. Durable, our top rated expandable hose we have had for over a year

4. Does not kink

5. Good water pressure

6. Many sets come with a nozzle

7. Lightweight


We have tested a range of expandable hoses including the pocket hose and can only recommend three at this time:


1. TOP PICK - The Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set


We purchased this one from Amazon and have had it for over a year at this point.  The package came with instructions on how to care for the hose, brass fittings, two garden hose washers and contact information for the manufacturer.  We have already reached out to them several times regarding questions about the hose and its ability as we do with any review and all of our questions have all been answered thoroughly.  We also like the price point and this hose is offered at multiple lengths




2. Zikke

Although slightly more expensive than the Hedgehog Expandable Hose Set, the Zikke also performed well. I personally prefer the yellow color of the Hedgehog's spray nozzle making it easier to find but otherwise very similar products in performance.  Also, only found the Zikke to be offered in the 100 ft length at this time.




3. GrowGreen

Similar performance to both the Zikke and the Hedgehog. While this is the top seller on Amazon, our two issues with it are the bright green color, unfortunately showed up too much dirt after use. In addition, there are a lot negative reviews stating the hose ruptured after several months of use and the alarming lack of response from the company. 




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