How to Choose the Best Garden Hose for You

August 5, 2014


With so many options to choose from finding the right garden hose can be overwhelming. A good garden hose should last several years.  This site is dedicated to help you find the right type of hose, the right length and sharing our recommendations after months of testing.  Whether or not you choose to follow this guide, we encourage to purchase a quality garden hose and one with 12 month warranty to avoid unnecessary expenditures in the future. 

  • Determine the length you need by considering the furthest point from your outdoor faucet you need to reach with your hose, then factor in a few feet for slack.

  • Be sure to get a flexible hose that easily bends.

  • The diameter of the hose determines how much water is delivered. Choose an appropriate one for your needs. The larger the diameter, the more water can be delivered.

  • High quality hoses have brass fittings, rather than plastic.











Please review our resource guide to learn which hose is the right one for you.


Good luck!


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